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Welcome to the website of Northern Retail.


We are a long established company that has been providing cash registers, EPoS systems, CCTV, service and supplies to customers throughout the north of England for over 30 years.

Please have a look around but please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Table Service

Samtouch Device combination Oct04.jpg

We have received a lot of enquiries recently regarding SamTouch OrderPad from customers who would like to offer table service and ensure they have a contigency in case of any future changes to restrictions. Many people have now become accustomed to table service and a lot of businesses are using it as a tool to offer better customer service.

The SamTouch OrderPad App allows waiting staff to process the customers orders on a mobile device which automatically sends the items to the Samtouch POS system. The Samtouch POS system then processes the order and sends it to the appropriate food and drinks preparation stations. There is also the option to print receipts at the customers table.

The advantages of the Samtouch OrderPad App are:

Staff quickly and accurately take orders direct at the table

Orders are automatically sent to the food and drinks printers

Less mistakes

Faster table turnover

Order processing time is increased by at least 35%

More profit.

If this is something you would like to look into for your business give us a call on: 01723 581559 or email:


We believe that you should buy a system that meets your needs not one that maximises a sales agents' commission.  With our years of experience in the industry we believe we offer sensible buying advice backed by local service.

Call today for no obiligation advice or demonstration

01723 581559

Bars, Pubs and Clubs
Cafés and Restaurants
Fancy Bar

Fast service, time scheduled prices, promotions and member pricing are all features that can be provided in our hospitality systems.

Cafe Interior

Table accounts, handheld ordering, kitchen video and printing, vouchers and product allergen information.  Just some of the features in our food service systems.

Refrigerated Goods

Barcode scanning, multi buy offers, shelf edge label printing, handheld stock taking are features you might be looking for in a retail focussed EPoS system.

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